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Hands on activities let the student’s minds grow and learn based on the experiences and the environment they are exposed to. Innovative and entrepreneurial projects at the academy are customized to stimulate student’s minds while discussing, investigating, creating and discovering with other likeminded students.

Hands On Projects



At Innovators and Entrepreneurs Academy, we offer platform to students to participate in events organized to build their entrepreneurial skills and nurture the business acumen in them. These events are based on themes to allow students adapt innovative approach and bring out the creativity in them.




The projects and activities at the academy are designed to build essential soft skills such as communication, public speaking, leadership, networking and creative thinking.

Public Speaking

Effective Listening

Leadership and Presentation Skills

Soft Skills Development



From time to time, site visits are organized by the academy to give students exposure to the industries that allow their curiosity about the outside world answered in the forms of these field trips. Moreover, it builds their confidence and helps them to choose their career paths in the future.

Carrefour and Bateel Cafe

Site Vists



Academy engage students in innovative projects

Our Programs


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Academy motivates and provide students a platform to market and sell their innovative products. Check our Art Exhibition

Entrepreneurial Projects



We inspire students to come up with new ideas and make them happen. If you have an idea, come and speak to us. Innovative and Entrepreneurs Academy

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